Go-Mini’s Provides Alternative Storage Solutions

When you think of self-storage, more often than not, images of tons of storage units in a gated lot comes to mind. Something with less than ample security and less than convenient access to your stored goods. The great news is that finding the perfect storage solutions for whatever your needs doesn’t have to be a headache or inconvenient.

Did you know ADSI Moving Systems is partnered with Augusta Go-Mini’s to offer on-site portable storage solutions for a variety of needs? Containers come in a variety of sizes and can be rented for various lengths of time. The great news about this? Go-Mini’s can create storage solutions for a lot of issues, from your self-move, to your weekend project, or even your businesses’ storage needs. All you have to do is call, schedule a delivery, and then load your Go-Mini. You can keep it on-site, at your home or place of business, or call us and we can transport it to a new location or store it for you.

Our customers have rented Go-Mini’s for more reasons than you can even imagine, but below is a list of some of the most common below. If you’re thinking “I don’t really need to put things in storage,” you never know what might pop up, we included some statistics and quick facts about some of our most common uses. Check it out and make sure you keep us in mind for your storage needs, no matter how short-term!


Infographic & Article Originally posted by ADSI Moving Systems, June 2015

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